Not everyone needs or wants a continuous flow dryer - they require a lot more infrastructure than batch machines, and are normally fixed. Our batch dryers are mobile, allowing the operator to take the dryer to the grain, minimising the need for expensive infrastructure.

New batch dryers

We are agents for the GT Mfg range of recirculating batch dryers. GT have been around since 1953, and have a proven track record. 

Available with either LPG gas or diesel burners, the GT dryers recirculate the grain, providing even, fast drying, with no "hot spots".


Diesel Conversions

Do you own a GT grain dryer that operates on liquid withdrawal LPG? 

If so, chances are you are unable to get gas - some Australian states have clamped down on supply without the user having a current Approval Certificate.

We can supply a "bolt-on" solution, using a diesel burner. It comes as a complete power head, with all new components including fan, belts, thermostats and gauges.